Sky Fit Challenge

Be a Part of Something Amazing for the Next 8 Weeks and Beyond!

The Sky Fit Challenge Includes:

  • 8 Weeks of Equipment Free Bodyweight Workouts in 20 minutes or less. (No gym membership required)
  • SIMPLE Whole Food Meal Plan w/Tasty Recipe Cookbook Featuring 60+ recipes!
  • Foolproof Schedule so you know EXACTLY what you’re supposed to do every day.
  • New Private Facebook Group - Sky Fit Challenge Group >Exclusive VIP Community >Private Access to me >Weekly Supercharged FB Live discussing top strategies to help you OWN this challenge! >Obstacle-Crushing FB Live Q&A’s (All your concerns are addressed weekly)
  • Did you ask for Accountability? >Daily Workout Progress Posts from every participant reviewed by me >Weekly Accountability Check In!  

The Sky Fit Challenge Starts on April 23nd, 2018!


Who's Running the Challenge?

Rob Dionne - Host of the top rated Open Sky Fitness Podcast - NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Rob has been a personal trainer and health coach in Los Angeles for over 12 years. He's holds multiple advanced certifications in Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement and Fat Loss. He's also a Level 1 Crossfit Instructor.

Devon Dionne - Holistic Nutrition Councelor - Co-Host Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Devon has been in the health and wellness feild for over 15 years. She is also the co-host of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast. Starting off as a GYROTONIC Instructor in NYC with the professional dance company, The Grahm Company. He holistic nutrition councelor credentials from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

What Are People Saying About The Challenge?

Laura S. - Atlanta, GA

"Hands down the community was my favourite part of the challenge. The workouts pushed me to do better, and to be better, however the community was uplifting and encouraging and even on days when I just didn't feel like completing the workout I didn't want to give up on the others in the community."

Nick Loper - San Jose, CA

"What's most helpful for me is the dummy-proof workout prescription: On this day, do this. On this day, do this. Track your results. Report back to the group for accountability. It's kind of silly, but that kind of system takes all the guesswork of trying to figure out "what am I going to do today?" " 

Amanda B. - Seattle, WA

"I'm not a challenge or program person at all, but I have really liked this. It wasn't full of pressure or "musts." It was more supportive than I would have expected a challenge to be."

Vanessa B. - Potsdam, NY

"Even though I would consider myself an intermediate or advanced lifter, it is great to change things up, do workouts I would never think of, and who doesn't love having someone else design those things for you? All you have to do is simply follow through."

Thom S. - Austin, TX

"Before the challenge I had lost 30 lbs - but was not really getting fitter or stronger. The 2 month length seemed long enough to make a difference and I liked the FB Group idea. After 8 weeks I feel stronger - my attitude about working out has gotten better - and my body is definitely more fit."

Judy M. - Bristol, IN

"The fact that both Rob and Devon are complete professionals and have given us tips, tricks, videos, recipes, etc. has been wonderful. And I know that I can ask questions, and get answers either through the group or individually, which means a lot."

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